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How To Get Whiter Teeth Fast

Did you know that about 99.7 percent of people say that an attractive smile is an important asset? Perhaps you’re one of them! Consider how often you open your mouth on a daily basis. Now consider how many people see your smile every day. There’s probably far too many to count. So why shouldn’t your important asset be given the best care possible? You want people checking out your pearly whites instead of a dull, lifeless smile. If you find that coffee or smoking has left your teeth stained and in desperate need of a makeover, then turn to Zoom teeth whitening in Ellicott City.

Teeth WhiteningHave you tried all the at-home remedies and over-the-counter products to get your teeth whiter? Maybe you haven’t seen the results you were hoping for. While some of these products can get your teeth a shade or two whiter, it often takes a while to even see small changes to the appearance of your smile. Who has the time? If you’re looking for a treatment to brighten your smile and you don’t want to wait months to see results, then see your Ellicott City, MD dentist to get teeth whitening.

What does Zoom teeth whitening entail?

First, your cosmetic dentist in Ellicott City will conduct an exam to make sure that teeth whitening is right for you. We will talk about your dental habits, including your diet and brushing regime. If we deem you a good candidate, then whiter teeth are only an hour away.
That’s right! The procedure only takes an hour. First your Ellicott City, MD dentist will cover the lips and gums to protect them from the whitening gel. Then we will apply a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, which works in conjunction with the specialized Zoom light to attack those annoying stains. The gel stays on for three 15-minute intervals. During that time you can sit back and relax, watch TV or listen to music. Do whatever relaxes you!

Is there anything I should do to maintain my Zoom teeth whitening results?

There sure is! We give all our patients who get Zoom teeth whitening in Ellicott City, MD a touch-up kit with whitening trays. We will give you detailed instructions on how to use these trays to keep your smile looking as radiant as when you left our office.
We also recommend that you avoid certain foods and beverages that could cause stains, including wine, coffee, dark sodas, berries, and dark sauces. The easiest way to know whether a food will stain your teeth is to consider whether that food would stain a white shirt. If the answer is yes, it’s best to avoid it. Tobacco products are also off limits if you want to keep your smile looking its best.
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