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Cerec CAD/CAM Makes Crowns A Snap

With Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Milling (CAD/CAM) technology from CEREC, dental patients can now leave their dentist's office with their final restorations in just one appointment.

Has your Ellicott City dentist recommended crowns for your teeth? If you're familiar with the process, you might not be looking forward to it. Crowns Dental impressions are needed, which requires thick, pasty material that can cause you to gag when it's applied. You may have had to make several appointments over many weeks, especially because the paste impressions can be inaccurate and the restorations fit correctly the first time. Fortunately, at Desai Dental Care, your crowns can be created in the office easily and accurately with CAD/CAM digital dentistry and CEREC 3D technology.

Superior Technology

The CEREC uses computer-aided technology from start to finish. Dr. Chetna Desai takes digital images of your teeth using a handheld "wand" camera. These accurate pictures are transferred to a computer, where a 3D rendering is created. In a little over a half-hour, your Ellicott City dentist designs your restoration on a program which then utilizes a 3D "printer" to carve the crown into ceramic material. There's no need for extra appointments or uncomfortable temporary restorations.

No Discomfort

Taking dental impressions with the paste and the tray is an uncomfortable and inaccurate process. Digital impressions mean that the tiny handheld scanner eliminates the need for that messy paste; the wand simply rests in your mouth for a few minutes while Dr. Desai's staff takes a few pictures.

Accurate Fit

Using traditional methods, dental impressions are usually several hundred microns off. This means that restorations do not fit properly the first - and sometimes second or third - time. CEREC's digital impressions, however, are highly accurate because of the high quality of the images and the resulting 3D model. With just 15-20 microns of error (less than the width than a human hair), crowns usually fit correctly as soon as they are finished.

A comfortable and convenient crown experience awaits you at Desai Dental Care. Contact the office for a consultation today!

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